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Cruising is a great way to catch up if you are behind your “bucket list” &

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There are options for Singles, Couples and Families

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Travel Like an Architect™ means Book a Cruise

Here are the 4 Greatest Reasons!

Because you don’t even have to be rich – fancy – retired or adventurous!

Today’s cruise brands offer something for everyone!

We can match your personality to the perfect cruise experience every time!

1. Book a Cruise because it is very CONVENIENT to unpack once and visit multiple places. You can bring almost as much as you want. Unpack into the drawers and closets in your luxurious stateroom where you will live for the duration of your voyage. It is a stark comparison to hauling your bags from hotel to hotel on a tour bus. If you forget something the ship has a store. The price of your cruise includes everything you NEED and then some!

2. Book a Cruise because Cruising is SAFE! Your cabin on the ship is a safe and secure home base. You can return there after a day in port – shower off the culture and dress for a night out! There are restaurants, bars, nightclubs and even a theater on most ships! Through Cruising you can visit places where you may not want to stay, or that have no accommodations! You bring your luxury hotel right along with you.

3. Book a Cruise because Cruising is very AFFORDABLE. If you pick the right dates you can cruise for as little as $50 pp/per day & some times kids are FREE. Remember it includes your food – you won’t have to save any of your spending money to make sure you eat on the last day. There is a cruise for EVERY budget! We can match you to a Cruise & Cruise Line that is a perfect fit! You can spend as much or little as you want really. We even offer FREE financing!

4. Book a Cruise because EVERY NIGHT IS DATE NIGHT! I really appreciate going out to dinner and being waited on every night during my vacation! Rob and I bring our best date night attire! We love the opportunity to order fresh, healthy, well balanced meals and we usually see a show or go out dancing after! We even keep track of our favorite entertainers and share them with you here!

Travel Like an Architect™ means traveling in Style and Comfort while visiting many different places. That’s what makes touring on a cruise so convenient and comfortable… you sleep in the same bed each night and your stateroom becomes like home. You move from one amazing place to the next while you are free to roam the ship instead of being strapped into the seat of a bus. It’s like taking your five star hotel with you. You don’t have to drag your bags on and off buses or change hotels. You can choose to eat in a full service restaurant or at a buffet which ever sounds good to you. The part I love the most is the gentle movement of the ship – it is very relaxing and makes falling asleep at night so easy…

Architects by day + Vacation Experts = Professional Travel Plans! It is our nature to think of everything! Making good plans means being prepared. Having everything you need when you need it. We have been traveling and planning for so long we really have it all figured out. Let us help you – be prepared – by having good plans for where you will go and what you will do! By having a Vacation Blueprint! We hope you choose to let us help you Blueprint Your Next Vacation™ and make some GREAT Plans!

When our daughters were school age they were in the “Gifted Program”. We often joked that this program was for parents who wanted to send their kids to school and home school them! It was a challenging education track – but we took them out for travel anyway! We believe we are responsible for offering the best education we can to our children – and that international travel is an important component! Travel during the school year is much more affordable than travel in the summer…. Read more about our “why?” at the post entitled “Educate your kids – Make REAL Memories”

When you Travel Like an Architect™, you want to experience destinations in more meaningful way, meeting and interacting with the people and learning about their culture. We always travel with open minds to learn more and be touched with a deeper experience…..

Because: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” ― Mark Twain



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We know from experience that there is no substitute for being there! We have cruised in the Caribbean, the Atlantic & Pacific, the Mediterranean and even the Amazon River! We have cruised as a Family and are now traveling as a couple – let us help you get your next Vacation Blueprint started today.

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